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ITPower was born in 1996 and has almost 30 years of experience leading digital transformation projects and helping companies modernize themselves and operate more efficiently! ITPower develops, customizes and implements software solutions to digitize and optimize business structures.



Digital Assets


Technology Solutions

In the modern world of constant change, digital transformation has revolutionized how companies operate and relate to their customers.

The implementation of technology solutions brings a structural change to organizations and plays a fundamental role in this digital transformation, helping companies optimize their resources and solve their problems in a more efficient and scalable way.

Gain in Efficiency and
Enhance of Productivity

Simplification of Systems and
Reduction of Operating Costs

Increased Customer
Satisfaction and Loyalty

Process Automation and Reduction of Human Errors

Software Customization

Within an increasingly digital and globalized world, ITPower recognizes that the digitization and automation of systems translates into a great opportunity for all kinds of companies to optimize their resources and improve their results.

Therefore, ITPower understands that one solution does not necessarily serve all customers well, and because of that it developed a unique ability to customize softwares on demand. With expertise in development, customization and implementation, ITPower facilitates the transition of a client with a low level of digital maturity to high levels.

We Create and Implement Tailor-Made Software!


AMSS Claims Process Management

Automates and simplifies claims processing, reduces waiting time, and enables greater operational speed and efficiency for different insurance segments.


Business Process Management

A process automation tool that facilitates process mapping, monitoring, management and optimization. It brings standardization, efficiency, and cost reduction.


Enterprise Content Management

Simplifies the gathering, storage, and management of all company documents. Reduces potential failures and the the risk of losses, ensures greater security and organization, and enhances productivity in organizational processes.

Ella Chat

Ella Chat

Virtual chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence and is available 24/7 to answer frequently asked questions with efficiency and speed.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Manages inventory and sales in an automated and real-time manner for the customer, facilitating the collaboration between suppliers and distributors and optimizing the distribution of goods.

Real Estate Credit

Real Estate Credit

Responsible for automating data management and systematizing the complete flow of real estate credit analysis, bringing more efficiency and intelligence to the financing process.



With our expertise we can facilitate the integration of different software in a seamless manner, a task that can be arduous and complex, but is essential for business modernization.


Customer Relationship Management

Essential tool for recording interactions with clients, improving relationships, creating data intelligence, and contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We can create a mobile application from scratch, customizing the features and UX design according to customer’s demands.